About me

Hi, Hello, Hejsan!

Three years ago I got a lump of clay in my hand. I made a very small and uneven ashtray, but I have lived with clay since then, especially in my hair...

Today I have a studio and a a small shop in Stockholm and I’m also studying at Konstfack (University of Arts, Craft and Design).

For many years I worked with child rights at UNICEF Sweden and in politics as head of staff for a feminist political party.

One day maybe my interest in politics and ceramics will meet and something fun might happen??? Cheers!


About my ceramics

I want to make things that contain a sens of movement or contrast. Movement in shape or texture and contrast in the meeting between two surfaces, between shape and structure or in tradition vs contemporary. I want my ceramics to stand out and be the center of attention. It´s not very shy ceramics...

My ceramics is a total mix of techniques, materials and textures. During my time at Konstfack I want to scale up! Follow my journey on instagram @leceramics